I see that as a typical coward,who like to degrade women,you dare not put a picture of yourself out there. Normal for black cowards. So tell me,scared the women will find you and beat you down?


Dear moron who submitted this message. Before you read my response to your sad attempt at being witty please open a new browser window and play this Youtube video to listen to while reading the following paragraphs:  .

Now that that’s sorted and Denis Leary serenades you with a message on what you are, allow me to ask: What’s with the “normal for black cowards" comment? I’ve never commented on the color of my skin nor do I intend to ever do so because, in contrast to you, I do not subscribe to silly racist beliefs that hold one race superior to another or attribute traits like cowardice based on race. So, on that note, fuck you you racist cunt.

Second, doesn’t it strike you as kind of ironic to accuse me of cowardice for not posting my picture on this blog while you yourself sent this message anonymously? If you’re such a paragon of courage why don’t you take the first step and resubmit this message with your name and picture attached? Or, better yet, why don’t you run a blog dedicated to your personal sexual fantasies with your picture broadly visible at the top? Or are you scared someone will find you and beat you down?

Excellent retort